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Articles about and useful in Teaching Open Source

Press coverage of various initiatives in teaching Open Source:

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Scholarly work on open source communities

Helpful in understanding how such communities have been studied from a non-TOS focused point of view, for writing up TOS-focused papers.

Scholarly work found in peer reviewed academic journals:

  • Bagozzi, R. P., & Dholakia, U. M. (2006). Open source software user communities: A study of participation in Linux user groups. Management Science, 52(7), 1099-1115.
  • Fang, Y. & Neufeld, D. (2009). Understanding sustained participation in open source software projects. Journal of Management Information Systems, 25(4), 9-50.
  • Jin, L., Robey, D., & Boudreau, M. (2007). Beyond development: A research agenda for investigating open source software user communities. Information Resources Management Journal, 20(1), 68-80.
  • Mateos-Garcia, J., & Steinmueller, W. (2008). The institutions of open source software: Examining the Debian community. Information, Economics and Policy, 20 (4), 333-344.
  • Shibuya, B., & Tamai, T. (2009). Understanding the process of participating in open source communities. Emerging Trends in FLOSS Research and Development, International Workshop on, 0, 1-6.
  • Kamthan, P. (2007). On the Prospects and Concerns of Integrating Open Source Software Environment in Software Engineering Education. Journal of Information Technology Education, 6, 45-64.

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