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  • Open Source Software Practice course at RPI: Elective course for graduates and undergraduates at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). Since 2007. All materials shared under Creative Commons By Attribution license.
  • Free Technology Academy: Master degree in Free Software technologies and related courses, with support of the European Commison and certificated by the Open University of Catalunya (Spain), Open University (The Netherlands) and University of Agder (Norway). Free licensed coursebooks:
  • MoLOS group for discussion about curricula for postgraduate studies on libre software (specially focused on the European Higher Education Space, but also interested in other contexts). Contact: Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona
  • Open Source Class for senior student at Computer Engineering of Cheju National University in Korea since 2007.
  • Seneca Open Source Courses - Professional option courses in the BSD (Bachellor of Software Development) and CPA/CTY (programming and computer technology diploma) programs. Students work within the Mozilla,, Fedora, Eclipse, and other communities during these courses. Courses include Open Source Development/Topics in Open Source DPS909/OSD600 and the continuation course DPS911/OSD700 and Software Build and Release SBR600.
  • GWU CSci193 - Development of Open Source Software. Students investigate the design, process, and culture of open-source software development, with many specifics and anecdotes from's browser project. They examine cross-platform development and testing as well as some unique quirks of open source which impact the development process: geographic dispersal, social and team dynamics, and a multitude of licenses (GPL, BSD, etc). Also covered are development tools for working in large-scale systems as well as project management techniques (CVS, Bugzilla, release-management, mailing-lists).
  • Open Source Software Practice (since 2007) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute This course is a mix of the philosophy, ethics, business models, and software process relative to open source software development. The class includes group projects where students implement software using a open source software process.
  • Humanitarian FOSS Project Courses The H-FOSS project is an NSF-funded effort to revitalize undergraduate computing education by getting students engaged in building FOSS that serves the public good. The project has offered a number of different courses at various curricular levels. The project also supports a Summer Internship Program.
  • Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects UCOSP is a Canadian (for now) program that puts students from different universities together to work on open source projects for a semester. Students learn first-hand what distributed development is like and use a mix of agile and open source processes under the supervision of a faculty or industry lead. Contact Andrew Louis:

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