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Goal: create a registry of OSS software projects that are developed and used in the academic sector.

Purpose: provide a single point of reference for people interested in education and research related open source software so that those interested in using or contributing to the software can easily do so.

Justification: whilst there are many registries, foundations and forges they either act as entry points for software developers or they are simple catalogues providing very little information of use to users. Furthermore, do not limit themselves to software developed by and for educational organisations.

Approach: manually maintained registries usually contain minimal and/or inadequate information. Automatically maintained registries usually lack focus on a specific domain. By adopting a combination of automatic and manual maintenance techniques we intend to resolve these issues.

Status: Simal is a open source RDF project registry being created by OSS Watch, a JISC funded advisory service to the UK Higher and Further education sector. Once this project is gathering data about software being produced in the UK acadmic sector. It is hoped that the Teaching Open Source initiative will use this software to deliver a registry that covers more than just the UK.