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This is a placeholder for discussion/resource braindumps on the idea of forming a peer-reviewed open source journal or interacting with existing journals. The next step is to move from discussion to action. Here's what we're looking for.

Interested people

Who are you and what are you interested in / able to offer / wondering?

  • Mel Chua - interested in doing my own research/writing on this topic as well as compiling/coordinating efforts for the project overall. Able to offer massive speed-reading skills, copyediting, publication starting/editorial experience; wondering about what it's like to work on/with a scholarly journal in particular and what prior efforts have been made.
  • Dru Lavigne
  • Stephen Jacobs - Will be writing papers based on the RIT efforts in the Spring and sending them around.
  • Jo Long - interested in writing about open source hardware in teaching.
  • Add yourself here!

Existing journals/publications

What existing publications should we look at as potential publication locations, partners, groups to learn from, etc?

Features you'd like to see

"Open source in education" scholarly articles: what features would you like to see?

  • Studies evaluated on the basis of both scholarly rigor and merit as well as the contribution the research(ers) made to the open-source communities they studied

Features you wouldn't like to see

Just as important as a "what to do" list is a "what not to do" list. What should we not work on? What should we avoid?

  • Academics sending out "yet another survey" to coders weary of studies that don't contribute anything to the communities they study
  • Global thermonuclear warfare
  • What else?

Action steps

What concrete actions can you think of to move this forward?

  • Populate each of these lists more
  • Find a contact in each publication listed above and open the dialogue with them by asking their thoughts on a summary of what we're trying to do
  • Add your own ideas!

Anything else?

Braindump here!

  • I like cheese.
  • What can we do to make it attractive to do research and write papers in this area? What scholarly domains might we turn to for researchers other than the obvious (CS/engineering, sociology, business/econ)?
  • See mailing list thread.
  • Your thoughts here!