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Are you teaching a course in open source software development? Are you in an Open Source community or business that is willing to support the teaching of community open source development practices? Join the Roll Call!

(Note that there are more people involved in the TeachingOpenSource project than are shown on this list).


There are more and more professors teaching open source every day, and more and more Open Source communities and companies partnering with and supporting them.

There are also more and more professors who would like to teach open source, but don't have the experience, the know-how, or the resources to do so. Not only that, but they don't have any models to follow.

Our simple goal here is to collect a directory of professors and others who are successfully teaching the practice of open source software development to their students. It's a small but vitally important first step.

To join the roll call, please create an account, edit this page, and add your name, your institution/company/project, your contact information, and whatever information you believe to be relevant about your work.

P.S. If you're wondering whether you belong on this list, you almost certainly do.  :) Scroll down for Open Source Community and Business Members.

Recommended format:

  • Name (IRC/mail nickname) obfuscated-email-address - introduction with lots of links

Professors (alphabetical by surname)

  • Kevin Buffardi (kbuffardi) email - Assistant Professor of Computer Science at California State University, Chico, participant in POSSE 2015, integrating FOSS projects into Software Engineering and Usability Engineering, researching localized FOSS collaborations with students and local community software professionals.
  • Aria Chernik - Director of Open Knowledge at the Innovation and Technology Policy Lab and Lecturing Fellow at Duke University.
  • Josh Dehlinger, Email Address via reCAPTACH™ Mailhide, Associate Professor, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Towson University. I am working with the foss2serve team to learn how to incorporate HFOSS into my Computer Science courses.
  • Chuck Dierbach, Email Address via reCAPTACH™ Mailhide, Associate Professor, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Towson University. I am working with the foss2serve team to learn how to incorporate HFOSS into my Computer Science courses.
  • Ruby ElKharboutly Assistant Professor of Software Engineering, Quinnipiac University. Teaching Software Engineering courses including Introduction to Design and Development, Software Design and Architecture and Software Requirement Analysis.
  • Heidi Ellis (HeidiEllis) -(ellis(?) Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology at Western New England Universityat [3] PI on the NSF-TUES OpenFE grant for helping faculty members support student involvement in HFOSS.
  • Craig E. Gardner (@ganglia) Adjunct Instructor, Computer Science, Utah Valley University. Teaching Software Engineering, advocating open source methodologies and values. Software Engineering Manager at SUSE, which provides the SUSE family of Linux distributions, composed entirely of open source software.
  • Kevin Gary Associate Professor, Department of Engineering, College of Technology and Innovation, Arizona State University. Worked on several open source projects in healthcare and education, and taught open source modules in the software enterprise at ASU.
  • Barrett Koster, kosterb ayat meredith dawt edu, Assoc. Prof at Meredith College. Nubie to OSS.
  • Emily Lovell(emme) - Email Address via reCAPTCHA™ Mailhide - Doctoral Student & Graduate Student Instructor at UC Santa Cruz. I am participating in POSSE 2015 and working with the foss2serve team to learn more about incorporating HFOSS into my department's courses. My research focuses on diversity, inclusivity, and retention in the field of computing.
  • Baochuan Lu Email Address via reCAPTCHA™ Mailhide Associate professor of Computer Science at Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, MO. I am working with the foss2serve team to learn how to incorporate HFOSS into my Computer Science courses.
  • John MacCormick, Dickinson College, enrolled in POSSE 2016 workshop, interested in using HFOSS for our senior seminar
  • Robert Marmorstein (atomopawn) [4] - Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Longwood University, Farmville, VA. I use and promote open source in all of my classes. I also actively contribute to several KDE projects and have been a GSoC mentor. One of my main interests is in developing client-side course management software for KDE.
  • Ouerghi, Mohamed Saïd - - [ Email Address : ] - Teaches Operating Systems courses [7] [8] at the National High School of Informatics (Manouba University in Tunisia), an Introduction to the FLOSS World course in the MP2L master degree [9] at Université Virtuelle de Tunis
  • Pamela Samuelson. Email Address via reCAPTCHA™ Mailhide - professor at UC Berkeley in law and information - Infosys 296A section 2: Open Source Development & Distribution of Digital Info: Economic, Legal & Social Perspectives
  • Michael Skalak, mss. [11] Lecturer/Technician in Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Dickinson College. I am part of an effort to incorporate FLOSS into a senior seminar.
  • Ioannis Stamelos. Email Address via reCAPTCHA™ Mailhide - associate professor at the Department of Informatics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, teaching Introduction to Software Engineering, Object Oriented Analysis and Enterprise Information Systems by asking students to be actively involved in FLOSS projects as part of their practical assignment.
  • Edmund Strange Email Address via reCAPTCHA™ Mailhide Professor Real Time and Embedded Systems Project Advisor and Professor. Work with Andrew Ross on FOSSLC. Encourage use of Open Source in Projects.
  • Nanette Veilleux, Professor of Computer Science and Informatics at Simmons College. Member of the September 2015 POSSE, learning about using HFOSS in the classroom.
  • Tony Wasserman (twasserman) Email Address via reCAPTCHA™ Mailhide - Prof. at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley and consultant to open source startups, teaching courses on the software business and on open source software from usage and business perspectives.

Open Source Community and Business Members


  • Acharya Ankush: Email address via reCAPTCHA™ Mailhide My Blog - I am a student from India and an active member of LUG-Indore, Madhya Pradesh. I have been contributing to open source by spreading it across the colleges by delivering seminars and workshops. I believe teaching open source will bring a new dimension to the study of computer science.
  • Benjamin, Donna - Exec Director at Creative Contingencies, a small Australian company supporting business, NGO's and schools to make the most of Open source technologies. Donna is one of the maintainers of the FOSS Catalog for Schools
  • Chiorean, Ioana Mozilla Reps Council Member focused on Mozilla Webmaker and collaborator on 'Generation Open'.
  • Chua, Mel. mel at purdue dot edu, mchua on IRC (not there very often since I started my PhD). Formerly a community engineer in Red Hat's Community Architecture team responsible for POSSE; now a PhD student in Engineering Education at Purdue University researching the intersection of undergraduate education, faculty development, and open source culture. Education is my passion; I've worked with Sugar Labs, OLPC, and Appropedia among other projects and have also been involved with undergraduate engineering education research, reform, and practice since my time at Olin College.
  • Cohen, William: (wcohen at redhat dot com). I am a Red Hat employee. I also taught an graduate course on open source software development at North Carolina State University spring of 2008, csc591w. Material for the course are currently available at my Red Hat people page.
  • Colorado, Alexandro: User:Jza (jza at openoffice dot org). Community lead of the Spanish and member of the Education Project at Resides in Villahermosa Mexico and is a long time contributor to the project.
  • Cook, Tim - Member and leader in the open source in healthcare community since 1998. See my LinkedIn profile for the details. Currently leading a project based on the openEHR information model specifications. I am primarily interested in mentoring students and professors involved in any area of healthcare and health informatics specifically. The project is The Open Source Health Information Platform
  • Joe Corneli - Open source software developer; board member at PlanetMath.Org.
  • DeKoenigsberg, Greg: (greg dot dekoenigsberg at gmail dot com). I'm not a professor, but I know a lot of professors, and someone's got to get the ball rolling, right?
  • Dziallas, Sebastian: sdz at sugarlabs dot org & sdziallas on IRC. Leading Fedora's Education SIG and wrangling the Sugar on a Stick releases.
  • John Dulaney is a member of the Fedora Project's QA and ARM teams and also a writer for The Dreadnought Project, an open source naval history project.
  • Ellis, Connor : Research Assistant working with the foss2serve team.
  • Elson, Stenio: International Student from BSMP at Siena, enrolled at the class Humanitarian FOSS.
  • Gonsalves, Kenneth Currently working on certifications of FOSS competency
  • Grimes, Ron. Long time OS afficianado. Currently I am bringing professional Moodle services to the academic, commercial and not-for-profit enterprises of Canada with the Remote-Learner team.
  • Goswami Satyakam work with projects/communities likeAdempiere , OLPC , i am interested in both FOSS in education and FOSS for Education.
  • Andrew Hamblin Email address via reCAPTCHA™ Mailhide Student at Utah State University]. I'm interested in open education and how we can improve education by borrowing techniques from open source.
  • Hawthorn, Leslie. Google Open Source Team, Community Manager for our two student programs, the Google Summer of Code and the Highly Open Participation Contest. Interests include mentorship, facilitation, participatory learning and curriculum development. I want to see the community principles of FOSS permeate all aspects of culture, and education is a key part of this drive.
  • Hecker, Frank. Working on Mozilla Education program activities at the Mozilla Foundation. My personal perspective on open source and education is shaped by Clayton Christensen's theories of disruptive innovation.
  • Hoemmen, Mark. Trilinos developer, scientific computing researcher, and student intern mentor.
  • Irwin, Emma Developer at Royal Roads University, Mozilla Rep focused on Mozilla Webmaker and collaborator on 'Generation Open'.
  • Karich, Peter. Problem Solver using Java. Knowledge in timetabling and test-driven development/teaching. One of my open source projects is TimeFinder.
  • Koh, Aik-Siong. Software developer for 3D CAD and Motion Simulation using Smalltalk. Active in Squeak Smalltalk open source community. Supervise final year student projects using Squeak Smalltalk.
  • Kerensa, Benjamin. Evangelist/Leader/Developer/Contributor in Ubuntu , Mozilla, WebFWD and OpenPhoto Communities with heavy emphasis on Academic Mentoring and Advancement of FOSS in K-12 Schools.
  • Kumar., Chandan. (chandansbg at gmail dot com): Open Source developer, contributor and blogger LinuxTouch
  • Kwong., Gary: (garyk86 at comp dot nus dot edu dot sg). I'm a Mozilla community member and student at National University of Singapore, went for a Mozilla internship in the second half of my freshman year. Now in my second year, I am teaching a Mozilla course CS3108 at NUS.
  • de Lanerolle, Trishan: (trishan.delanerolle at trincoll dot edu) - at Trinity College (Hartford), Project Director of the NSF funded Humanitarian FOSS Project, a collaborative, community-building project started by a group of computing faculty and open source proponents at Trinity College, Wesleyan University, and Connecticut College.
  • Lavigne, Dru. Editor, Open Source Business Resource, Chair, BSD Certification Group, Curriculum Developer, Technical writer
  • Lazzurs, Robert - Open source advocate/developer and Systems Admin/Developer at TomTom
  • Lentz, Arjen - Founder at Open Query, providing training and other services for MySQL and related open source technologies. Arjen has a keen interest in Open Source, Education and Sustainable Business Models.
  • Lewis, John A. - Chief Software Architect at Unicon, Inc. Passionate about open source software projects/communities and agile development methods. Active in open source since working with Perl 4 starting in 1993. Lead developer of Spring Portlet MVC and a core committer on Spring Framework 2.0. On the Board of Directors of the Apereo Foundation, the open source organization that stewards higher ed open source projects including uPortal, Sakai, CAS, and Bedework. Expert on open source licensing and open source community governance.
  • Long, Joanne - Co-founder of IO Rodeo, an open source hardware company for science and education.
  • Lynch, Ian - CEO and Chief Assessor at The Learning Machine Ltd a UK government accredited Awarding Organisation specialising in qualifications in Open Systems for the European Qualifications Framework under the INGOT brand name (International Grades - Open Technologies). Currently supported by two EU grants for Transfer of Innovation under the Lifelong Learning project. Partners in Malaysia, Kenya, South Africa, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, USA, India. Main focus is on supporting schools in making the transition to Open Systems by embedding principles of open systems and enterprise in the mainstream curriculum.
  • Rix, Ryan: Red Hat Community Architecture Intern, Fedora and KDE developer, lover of open hardware and free software. Just your generic hackertype.
  • Robinson, Karlie - karlie_robinson webpath net - I'm a professional busy-body who funds my passion for all things open source through When I'm not diving into Open Source development projects or taking care of business as the owner of Webpath Technologies, I can be found at SCORE Rochester counseling small business start ups.
  • Saini, Kulbir (generalBordeaux) (kulbirsaini25 [AT] - I am research student at IIIT Hyderabad, India. I have been blogging about Fedora/Linux (Fedora How Tos and Tutorials) since four years. My blogs are mainly focused on Installation and Configuration howtos. Sometimes I also write software (open source, free) reviews. I have also written a cool video caching software called VideoCache. Its written in python and its free/open source.
  • Shaver, Mike: (shaver at mozilla dot com). Mozilla employee and honorary Senecan, interested in education of students and professionals alike.
  • Sheltren, Jeff. Operations Manager at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab. Recently taught a Linux System Administration course for the first time.
  • Sheremeta, Candace. Email address via reCAPTCHA™ Mailhide. Former secondary teacher and Red Hat intern for the RHEV Storage team. Research assistant at NC State and interested in Ph.D. opportunities where I can help professors implement courses in FOSS development. Participating in POSSE 2015.
  • Slinky, Dan. Contributor to the open source community.
  • Smith, Carol Program administrator of Google Summer of Code and Google Code-in. Geek and cyclist.
  • Smith, Jared Computer geek, author, and general misfit. I'm a training manager for a well-known company who writes Open Source software for the telecommunications industry. I'm also a contributor (both code and documentation!) to many other open source projects.
  • Smith, Joe: (smith237 at mail dot chapman dot edu). I'm President of the Chapman University ACM in Orange, California. I've done a lot to push Open Source at my school, and hope to take it much further within the next two years.
  • Sotomayor, Borja - PhD Candidate in Computer Science at the University of Chicago, involved in the OpenNebula and Haizea open source projects. I'm interested in FOSS education and mentorship within FOSS projects.
  • Spector, Stephen: (stephen dot spector at xen dot org) I am the community manager for the open source community where we build the Xen Hypervisor and related virtualization and cloud technologies.
  • Spevack, Max: Member of Red Hat's Community Architecture team.
  • Surman, Mark. Mozilla guy and open education dreamer. Believes that open source has the potential to usher in a new wave of participatory, mass-online-community-apprenticeship, student-driven, professor-as-facilitator learning.
  • Tryon, Robinson: QA Engineer for The Document Foundation, (the non-profit behind LibreOffice).
    • I'm active in LibreOffice community outreach and education, especially in the US, and am interested in partnering with both students and instructors.
  • Ussher, Brett: University Student studying in the IT field. I almost exclusively use Linux (some of the college apps force me to use Microsoft) and am quite tired of the bias against open source software as well as the claim that there is no path to teach it. I have a strong interest in using FOSS technology to teach network security and ethics at the University level.
  • Wade, Karsten: (kwade at redhat dot com). Red Hat's community leadership team, working on Practical Open Source Software Exploration textbook.
  • Yilmaz, Erkan: see more on my user page, I am currently staying in Germany.
  • Joseph Potvin Coordinator of the FLOW Syllabus, Chair of the OSI Management Education Working Group, and business coach & strategist, contracting via The Opman Company


  • - free online education on OpenOffice and freeware. In addition, educational materials on our website cover needed materials for taking the basic ECDL exams and partly materials for taking Advanced ECDL exams.
  • OSS Watch JISC funded advisory service for UK Universities on use, development, and licensing of FOSS
  • Project Possibility - Events and programmes where students get to work on exciting Open Accessibility projects.
  • Schoolforge-UK UK community of people interested in Open Source in education.
  • Digital laboratory of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague is a journalistic, educational and technological centre for information and audiovisual technologies. Simultaneously, DigiLab promotes education of Open source software for accredited fields of study at Academy.
  • NRC-FOSS-AU An organisation run by Department of Information Technology of Government of India and the AU-KBC centre of Anna University, Chennai to promote FOSS in higher education and in the non-formal stream.
  • The Learning Machine Ltd A UK government accredited Awarding Organisation specialising in qualifications in Open Systems for the European Qualifications Framework under the INGOT brand name (International Grades - Open Technologies). Currently supported by two EU grants for Transfer of Innovation under the Lifelong Learning project. Partners in Malaysia, Kenya, South Africa, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, USA, India. Main focus is on supporting schools in making the transition to Open Systems by embedding principles of open systems and enterprise in the mainstream curriculum.

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