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The aim

Creating a resource used by Open Source projects as they develop and implement "Get Involved" procedures into their project.

Essentially this is a guide about creating "Get Involved" guides, including freely usable snippets of text and examples that projects may freely use. The licensing of this content should be extremely open.

What this includes

  • Snippets of text that projects may freely implement into their project
  • Ideas about finding and teaching new and old contributors
  • Discuss common problems and how to avoid them
  • Explain different types of structure (what it takes to receive commit access)
  • Discuss keeping it simple and intelligent navigation
  • A lengthy FAQ
  • Many examples
  • ...


Using VCS for project X

  • Information about why projects use VCS, and how to use it
  • Explanation of how it works
  • Include a guide/table of common commands each VCS uses (git clone vs cvs co vs ...)


  • Includes text specific to CVS where projects may freely use and edit for their given project

The plan

  • Locate examples of good and bad projects and define why
  • Break down "Get Involved" into specific elements
  • Take one element and create a draft for it (Managing and using VCS the first?)


  • Philip Olson
  • Add yourself ...

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