Teaching Open Source:Privacy policy

We've moved! This site, old.teachingopensource.org, is now an archive and will be permanently disabled on June 17, 2017. The new site can be found at teachingopensource.org. Please save any content from this site that has not yet been migrated so that you can add it.

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Teaching Open Source Wiki

  • The name and user ID of registered users of the wiki are made publicly accessible through the world wide web (www). E-mail addresses will be used only by the site administrators to contact users with information about the site (such as a move to a different address or a change in policy) and by the wiki software according to the options selected in the user's preferences (e.g., notification of changes to pages in the user's watchlist).
  • Information placed into wiki pages will be publicly accessible.

Teaching Open Conference Calls

An audio recording of (some or all of) each TOS Conference Call will be placed on the wiki. If you do not wish to have a recording of your voice placed on the wik under the wiki license terms, please do not participate in the call.

Teaching Open Source Planet

The Planet is a page composed of aggregated RSS and Atom feed streams. These feeds typically originate from weblogs (blogs).

  • Posts contained in subscribed feeds will be republished on the Planet, including the name of the feed, and if configured, a hackergotchi (face picture) associated with the feed.

Teaching Open Source Mailing List

  • The name and e-mail address of subscribers to the Teaching Open Source mailing list are not made public.
  • The name and e-mail address, subject line, and content of any e-mail message posted to the Teaching Open Source mailing list is delivered to the subscribers of the list and publicly archived.

Copyright Policy

See Teaching Open Source:Copyrights for the copyright and licensing policy for this wiki.


The current administrator of the Teaching Open Source wiki, planet, and mailing list is Chris Tyler. Any questions about this privacy policy should be directed to him.